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Towards A New Production Ethic

Services to Supporters and Collaborators

Included on this page:

- Motivation
- Categories
- Contacts and networks
- Literature and materials
- Training in facilitation

- Models of Soul Consensus Formation Activities
- Identity
- Small financial help
- Larger grants
- Grant application help




A principal aspect, perhaps the very essence, of the coordinator's responsibility in assisting the movement toward the long and short term goals (See Get Involved) of the Soul of Agriculture project is to assist supporters and collaborators with whatever resources we have or will acquire. Quite a bit of talent, time and personal energy were poured into Soul from its very beginning. Those resources are still very much at the disposal of Soul supporters to help you help the project.

These resources are very often the sort that multiply when used because they are related to the commitment and caring of the active original planners and promoters of the projects and the networks in which each of them reside. If you ask them for help and they have it, they will not only provide it, but will be more energized to continue. Your requests to them, directly or through the coordinator, will help them know the Soul project is alive and acting. And that knowledge will lead to their continued support. So do not hesitate to ask. We assume you are enthusiastic about the possibility of a national consensus on the values and ethics of family farming and are eager to see that consensus forming in your area or with the constituency which your group represents.

Now or in the future Soul is equipped to help you with:

1. Contacts and Networks
2. Literature and other materials.
3. Training in facilitation/consensus formation
4. Models of Soul consensus formation activities(at Tools) and personal advice from those who have led them.
5. Identity, i.e. a recognizable name and broader context for your local activity.
6. Small financial helps
7. Larger financial support, mainly to "buy your time."
8. Grant application help

Contacts and Networks
One of the most valuable things you can bring to Soul is your own self--you are a contact! And another is the network to which you belong, whether formal or informal. But some of you will be aware that you need local contacts and a network to be effective. In many cases Soul will be able to help. Soul is a network of networks and we have supporters in many parts of the country already. We don't want you to work alone. It is deadly to the spirit, yours and the project's! For certain collaborators, who have become de facto regional coordinators, we will post your comments on our Discussions page and provide you with a full list of Soul Supporters who have indicated a willingness to accept e-mail or other contacts. But for now, contact me at [email protected] (home 530-756-9679) and I will supply you with the contacts we have.

Literature and Materials
Below you will find the list of regular literature we provide by Snail Mail. (Prices are contributions to postage and reproduction.) We will attempt to provide everything in down-loadable form so that you do not need to wait for snail mail or a response from us. Also this will enable you to edit literature to fit your special needs or audience.

1.) The draft Creating a New Vision of Farming is downloadable in PDF version here. Snail Mail: $2.00/copy

2.) The 2 page summary of Creating a New Vision.

3.) Earth Ethics issue devoted to Soul of Agriculture, $1.20/copy

4.) "Show of Interest" postcards. $1.00 for twenty cards. Useful for distribution at conferences.

5.) Handsome fold-out 60"(w) X 36"(h) photographic display of Soul of Agriculture project. Free for cost of Fed-Ex round-trip mailing.

Training in Facilitation
For now we can put you in contact with Minnesota and Wisconsin supporters who ran Soul retreats and used a marvelous introductory speaker and facilitator who can help you. As more consensus formation activities are tried, different models will develop.

Models of Soul Consensus Formation Activities
See Tools page

Although Soul of Agriculture is new, it is already well known in certain areas. In various ways and with various documents we can provide you, your work in getting support, the use of facilities, etc. will be made more smooth.Our Advisory Board is impressive. See it at Who is Soul of Agriculture.

Small Financial Help
Developing interest and recruiting help at agriculturally related conferences is essential to spreading the Soul project. On our modest budget, one way to do that is to have persons nearby the conference site, or already supported to attend , carry Soul literature and set up a table. We can also help with a small sum to pay registration fees or space fees and even a very modest travel cost. Call or e-mail (leave a phone number).

Larger Grants
The principal focus of our current fund-raising activity is to find funds to buy the time of local coordinator at each the 15 sites where we have located an agency or non-profit home for the coordinator to work. These local coordinators would work directly at convening consensus formation groups. If you are interested in getting right to the heart of the Soul project, need to have your time compensated modestly and can find an agricultural or agriculturally related (e.g. environmental, farm animal welfare, rural church or civic organization, etc.) institution/agency to be your network/home, then let us know so we can include you in our pursuit of funds. Better yet, find sources yourself and we will help you pull together a grant application.

Grant Application Help
Many of you have grant writing skills. But what you may lack is time. Grant writing is, in part, a pretty pedestrian business. You try to get into direct contact with funders to get a sense of what their written objectives really mean this year. Then you just tell the funders what they ask, in the order they ask it, at the length they ask, and truthfully. In part it is creative, showing how the Soul activity can assist the funders in their special goals, and emphasizing those parts of Soul that seem especially likely to gain their attention. We can provide most of the pedestrian part.

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