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Call for Nominations for the Center for Respect of Life and Environment
and The Humane Society of the United States'
2007 Animals and Society Course Awards

(View course award winners 1999-2006)

The Center for Respect of Life and Environment (CRLE) and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) are currently accepting nominations from college and university faculty members for the 2007 Animals and Society Course Awards. The awards recognize academic excellence in the design and delivery of courses that address issues such as the interaction between humans and animals, human obligations toward animals and perspectives on the status of animals.

The awards are intended to help foster the availability of high quality instruction in a wide variety of relevant academic fields, such as animal science, anthropology, archeology, art, biology, communications, culture studies, education, environmental studies, ethology (the science of animal behavior), history, law, literature, medicine, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, sociology, and veterinary medicine.

Each year, CRLE and HSUS recognize three types of college and university undergraduate and graduate courses worldwide: 1) an established A&S course currently being taught at an institution, 2) a new A&S course scheduled for instruction, and 3) an innovative or short A&S course that does not fully fit the established course award criteria.

The established and new course awards are $1,500 each, and the innovative or short course award is $500. Awards are given to the institution and the institutional department in which the course is taught. The innovative course award was instituted in 2003 to recognize courses that, for example:

a) bring the study of animals and society into new arenas, where these issues were not previously addressed,
b) approach the study of animals and society from a novel perspective, or using novel teaching methods,
c) provide exposure to participants who would not otherwise address academic issues relating to animals and society, or
d) are tailored to participants whose learning experience will have a direct impact upon animals and /or animal protection.

Nominees may apply for one or more of the awards. To nominate a course for the award, follow the instructions below. No special forms are necessary. Nominations must include:

• a letter of recommendation from the relevant department chairperson
• a course outline or syllabus in Word (if sending by email)
• a one paragraph description of how the award will be used
• student evaluations for the previous two years the course was offered (for established courses only)
• a cover letter from the faculty member, noting the type of award(s) for which the course is being nominated

Nominations will be accepted through September 15, 2007. Mail nominations to:

Animals and Society Course Awards
Center for Respect of Life and Environment
c/o Ellen Truong
2100 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037 USA

Phone: 202-778-6133

Email: [email protected]

Judging Criteria

Winners are selected with the aid of an independent advisory panel. The judging criteria is broken into several categories, including course extent, quality of topic coverage, quality of submissions, impact on the study of animals and society, originality of approach, plans for use of the award, and future plans for the course.

According to the award judges, there continues to be an increase in innovative entries over the years and continued expansion of the range of disciplines represented, which have included psychology, education, social work, religion, and animal-assisted therapy training, among others.


Congratulations to the award recipients for 2006:

In the year 2006, the judges also gave an Honorable Mention to two additional courses in the new course category.

Established course: Animal Subjects
Instructor: Kari Weil, Chair, Critical Studies Program
Institution: California College of the Arts

New course: Animals, Culture and the Law
Instructor: Maneesha Deckha, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
Institution: University of Victoria

Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society: Sociology of Animals and Society
Instructor: Robbie Pfeufer Kahn, Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Institution: University of Vermont

Honorable Mention for the new course: Animals from Aristotle to Agamben
Instructor: Samuel Moyn, Associate Professor, Department of History
Institution: Columbia University

Honorable Mention for the new course: Humans and Animals
Instructor: Michael R. McDonald, Associate Professor, Anthropology Program
Institution: Florida Gulf Coast University


Past award winners from 1999 - 2005 are listed below:


Established course: Topics in Performance Studies: Animal Rites
Instructor: Professor Una Chaudhuri, Department of Drama
Institution: New York University

New Course: Envisioning Animals: Animals and Visual Culture
Instructor: Dr. Matthew Brower, Graduate Programme in Art History
Institution: York University

Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society: Literature and Society: Capturing Animals

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Instructor: Professor Teresa Mangum, Department of English
Institution: University of Iowa


Established course: Beyond Puppy Love: The Social Interaction of Humans and Animals
Instructor: Dr. Antonia J.Z. Henderson
Institution: Simon Fraser University

New Course: Animal-Human Connections
Instructor: Dr. Christina Risley-Curtiss, School of Social Work
Institution: Arizona State University

Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society: Symbolism and Spirit of the Animal Kingdom: Cross Curricular Activities for the K-8 Classroom
Instructor: Belinda Recio
Institution: Worcester State College


Established course: Ethical Issues in Animal Agriculture
Instructors: Dr. Steve Davis, Dr. Candace Croney, and Dr. Kelvin Koong, Department of Animal Sciences
Institution: Oregon State University

New Course: Anthrozoology
Instructor: Dr. Patricia K. Anderson, Sociology/Anthropology Department
Institution: Western Illinois University

Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society: Humane Education: Compassion Across the College Curriculum
Instructor: Joyce DiBenedetto-Colton, Animal-Ethics Study Center
Institution: Miami-Dade College


Established course: Animal Welfare
Instructor: Dr. Joy Mench, Department of Animal Science
Institution: University of California, Davis

Established course: Issues Concerning Use of Animals by Humans
Instructors: Dr. David Zartman and Dr. Stephen Boyles, Department of Animal Sciences
Institution: Ohio State University

New Course: Animals and People
Instructor: Tracey Smith-Harris, Department of Anthropology and Sociology
Institution: University College of Cape Breton


Established course: Ethics and the Non-Human
Instructor: Dr. Kristin Aronson, Department of Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
Institution: Western Connecticut State University

New course: Animals and Society
Instructor: Dr. Clif Flynn, Professor of Sociology
Institution: The University of South Carolina, Spartanburg


Established course: Human-Companion Animal Interactions
Instructor: Linda Case
Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Established course: Animal Welfare and the Ethics of Animal Use
Instructors: David Fraser, Professor of Animal Welfare, and Daniel Weary, Professor of Animal Welfare
Institution: University of British Columbia

New course: Animal and Human Welfare: Medical, Moral and Social Connections
Instructors: Catherine Faver, Professor of Social Work; John New Jr., Professor of Veterinary Medicine; and John Nolt, Professor of Philosophy
Institution: University of Tennessee


Established course: Principles of Farm Animal Care and Welfare
Instructor: Ian Duncan, Chair in Animal Welfare and Professor of Animal and Poultry Science
Institution: University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

New course: Animal Abuse
Instructor: Piers Beirne, Professor of Criminology and Legal Studies
Institution: University of Southern Maine


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