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EARTH ETHICS 1996 Winter

Ethics and Spiritual Values and the Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Development. Articles by James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, Ismail Serageldin, Vice President for Environmentally Sustainable Development, Maurice F. Strong, Secretary General of the 1992 United National Conference on Environment and Development, and John A. Hoyt, President of CRLE. Excerpted from presentations to the World Bank/CRLE cosponsored conference.
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Ethical Economics and Sustainable Development, by Denis Goulet. Raising four practical/ethical questions that must be answered by efforts to provide sustainable development

Right Livelihoods: Chipko Movement, by Sunderlal Bahaguna and Jeremy Seabrook. Regeneration of traditional cultures is of the first importance to those concerned with alternative patterns of development. Efforts to rebuild sustainable livelihoods in areas threatened by deforestation in the Indo-Gangetic plain.

Conference Recommends World Bank Puts Values on its Agenda, by the World Bank's Environmentally Sustainable Development News. Summarizes recommendations emerging from the World Bank-CRLE conference.

Winter's Fog, by David Mas Masumoto. Beauty, struggle and connection fill this personal reflection of life on the farm.

Rites of Ancient Ripening, poetry by Meridel LeSueur.

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