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EARTH ETHICS 1995 Winter

Eco-phobia, by David Sobel. Prematurely asking children to deal with problems beyond their control, argues Sobel, cuts them off from their unique sources of strength. Sobel proposes primary education that cultivates children's sense of connection to nature and their burgeoning imaginations.

Education for Earth Literacy, by Mary Evelyn Tucker. The author outlines important requirements for achieving an environmental ethic in higher education, including ending the separation of religion and science and of the sciences and the humanities, and encouraging and athropocosmic outlook.

Campus Blueprint for a Sustainable Future. Several hundred faculty, student and staff delegates to the Campus Earth Summit at Yale University crafted this set of recommendations for colleges and universities worldwide to work toward an environmentally sustainable future.

Greening Higher Education, by Rick Clugston. A discussion the emerging, deeply ecological paradigm on college campuses in four interconnected areas: the basic work of academic disciplines, the transformation of teaching and learning, a concern for campus administration and operations, and new forms of general education.

In Search of Resonance, by Garth Baker-Fletcher. An essay on the author's experience of autochthonous knowledge, a form of knowledge that assumes that human beings have the ability to perceive the Earth's movements and vibrations.

Some Nights, a poem by Michael Hettich..

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