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EARTH ETHICS 1993 Winter

The Ecology of Commerce, by Paul Hawken. The founder of Smith & Hawken catalog company explores the ethics and practices of ecologically-sensitive commerce and industry.

Agenda 21 is Blueprint for the Planet, by Bill Clinton. A discussion of the correlation between environmental health and economic health.

Implementing the Business Charter for Sustainable Development, by Richard Clugston. Examples of how businesses are implementing the sixteen principles of the International Chamber of Commerce's charter, launched at the May 1992 ICC meeting in Rio.

Developing Greed in a Contented Land, by Helena Norber-Hodge. An essay on the impact of Western development and capitalism on Ladakhi culture.

The Shape of Night, by Chet Raymo. A reflection on the astronomy of night, excerpted from the author's book, The Soul of Night.

Composting, a poem by Philip Dane Levin.

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