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EARTH ETHICS 1993 Summer

The Constitution and the Land, by Donald Worster. An environmental historian comments on the Constitution's lack of attention to the land out of which this nation's wealth arose, and suggests an important constitutional revision.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave: Iroquois Democracy, by Oren Lyons. The author, speaker for the Onondaga nation, discusses the history and structure of the Grand Council of the Iroquois Indians, and calls for the recognition of the influence of the council on the form of government created by the U.S. Constitution.

Deep Ecotourism, by Richard Clugston. A discussion of the notion of "responsible" or "eco" tourism, including both its constructive and destructive aspects.

Transforming Tourism, by Tom Bender. Based on a visit to the Daitokuji Zen Temple in Kyoto, Japan, the author offers specific suggestions on how tourism can transform spiritual values and enhance the sacredness of place.

Local Geographies, by Barry Lopez. An essay exploring how the author's conception of "local geography," evolved from his childhood to the present.

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