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EARTH ETHICS 1992 Summer

Green Grace, by Jay McDaniel. Ecological spirituality as a binding force in the community is the key to a sustainable future.

Developing Sustainable Communities, by Richard Clugston. Ideas about what it means to live sustainably.

EcoCommunities: The Re-Inventing of America, by John Cobb, Jr. Recognizing the social costs of growth and challenging this ideology must begin with EcoCommunities.

On Ecoregional Boundaries, by David McCloskey. A proposal to redraw the political lines on the map and instead use authentic boundaries that are ecologically and culturally grounded.

The Ecology of Magic, by David Abram. The author's personal account of his experiences in studying magic in Indonesia.

To the Insects, by W. S. Merwin. Poetry.

In a Chinese Landscape/The Whole Way, by Thomas Shane. Poetry.

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