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EARTH ETHICS 1993 Spring

Dancing with Nature: An Emerging Ethic for Sustainable Agriculture, by Fred Kirschenmann. The author, president of the Organic Food Producers Association of North America and Farm Verified Organic, describes the ethics and practice of sustainable agriculture on his family's biodynamic wheat and cattle farm.

The Owl's Call, by Elizabeth Lawrence. Cultural and scientific roots of the "wise old owl" metaphor, and its relationship to the present-day battle to save the spotted owl.

Some Questions You Might Ask, a poem by Mary Oliver.

Of Land and Habitat, by Evelyn Martin. A discussion of the principles of sustainable land use planning, including examples of how those principles have been applied in several U.S. cities.

Developing a Workable Earth Ethic, by Richard Clugston. Reflections on an ethic of life and environment, and the possible implications of that ethic for our relations with animals and nature.

Listening for the First Smelt Run, by Kathleen Stocking. An essay on revisiting spawning fish in the author's childhood town.

An Ethical Examination of the Killing of Whales, by David Wills. A discussion of why whaling needs to be examined from an ethical as well as a scientific perspective, excerpted from testimony given to the International Whaling Commission hearing in 1992.

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