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Center for Respect of Life and Environment (CRLE)


Population, Poverty, and Planet Earth, by Donella Meadows. The net primary productivity as a direct reflection of human overpopulation.

Deep Ecology and the Population Factor, by Arne Naess. The concept of carrying capacity and the need to include the importance of diversity and quality of life.

Population Growth and the Status of Women, by Jonathan Adams. Women's role in population control.

An End to Birth, by Gary Snyder. Viewing nature as organismic ecosystems in the face of the immediate threats of overpopulation and species extinction.

CRLE Report: The Road from Rio, by Ashley Henry and Richard Clugston. The results of and follow-up to the Earth Summit.

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. A text of the newest international statement of ethics followed by reader's comments.

Anthropocentrism: The Original Sin, by J. Baird Callicott. A biblical interpretation of the beginning of anthropocentrism and the urge of Genesis to return to innocence and become immersed in nature.

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