Center for Respect of Life and Environment (CRLE)
Thomas Berry Award & Lecture
Center for Respect of Life and Environment (CRLE)


Institution: Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 01002
Course Title: Animals in Human Society: Relationships, Bioethics, and Welfare (NS 130)
Instructor: Susan Prattis, School of Natural Science, 413-559-5632
Summary: Examines the various spiritual, artistic, and literary depictions of animal species across cultures; explores the philosophic and scientific underpinnings of the concept of animal welfare and its application in settings as diverse as rodeo, biomedical research, education, and wildlife conservation; examines whether animals are cognate beings; describes the legislative, economic, and comparative health impact of animal use within societal contexts.
[This course was funded by the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology Educational Collaborative (STEMTEC) program of the National Science Foundation.]

Institution: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-4801
Course Title: Vegetarian Nutrition (NS 300)
Instructor: T. Colin Campbell, Division of Nutritional Sciences
Summary: Provides a general overview of various issues surrounding the practice of vegetarian nutrition. Presents some of the empirical evidence supporting the consumption of plant based diets, and introduces new thinking into the discipline of nutritional science. Questions existing principles and assumptions of nutrition knowledge and challenges some of the more fundamental assumptions of the "rules" of scientific investigation. Particular attention is given to the relationships of vegetarianism to the etiology of chronic degenerative diseases.

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Institution: University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-0230
Course Title: Issues in Vegetarianism
Instructors: Michael and Paula Zemel, Department of Nutrition, [email protected], [email protected]
Summary: Examines ethical and health issues related to vegetarian diets. Students will evaluate mainly electronically-based materials on vegetarian issues, assess arguments that are "pro" and "con" and create a technology-based resource to communicate these issues.

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