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Institution: Anne Arundel Community College, Anne Arundel, MD 21012

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Institution: Community College of Baltimore County, Dundalk, Baltimore, MD 21222
Course Title: Animals and SocietyOnline Course (ANST 101)
Instructor: Melba Green, 410-664-2236, x315, [email protected]. Spring 2007
Summary: Explores the ways animals are viewed by various subcultures in American society. Students explore sociological, historical, economic, philosophical, and public policy issues regarding the treatment of animals. Factory farming, medical research, hunting and trapping, and entertainment industries will be examined.

Institution: DePaul University, Chicago, IL 60604
Course Title: Externship: Animals in Contemporary Life
Instructors: Betta Lo Sardo, School for New Learning, Oak Forest, IL 60452. Email: [email protected] , 708-633-9091
Summary: This faculty designed independent study course is designed to address the externship requirement of the School for New Learning. Students will consider their learning styles by revisiting David Kolb's Learning Styles Inventory first introduced in the initial stages of the SNL program. Learners will develop ways of expanding their learning repertoires, and of examining their own ideas as well as those of experts. Specifically, students will pursue information on the historical connections between animals and humans, and on philosophies and issues concerning breeding and use of domestic animals. Students will also be exposed to current issues in animal welfare, including a volunteer experience in an animal shelter. In this course, faculty will provide a framework for assessing the roles and condition of animals particularly domestic animals, in our culture. Readings will include Peter Singer's noted work on animal experimentation, Animal Liberation. Students will track their own interests through further readings and commentary on their experiences.
Course website: (see under LoSardo)

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Course offering information: This course is offered every quarter.

Institution: Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas
Course Title: Animals and Society (AGR236)
Instructor: Barry L. Williams, Ph.D., Department of Agricultural Sciences, [email protected]
Summary: This core course, available to all majors, is a discussion oriented course that will acquaint the student with the broad role of animals in society from a national, global, and histories perspective. The impact of animals and domestic livestock on economic, social, and political policy will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on non-agricultural and agriculture uses, societal and cultural perspectives, consumer influences, animal ethics, animal research, appropriate animal care, livestock quality assurance programs, animal welfare, animal rights and the animal-human bond.

Course offering information: The course is currently being offered three times a year, during the fall, spring, and summer sessions.


Institution: Texas A&M University, Commerce, TX 75429
Course Title: Animals and Society (AnS416)
Instructor: C. Pat Bagley, Professor and Department Head, Department of Agricultural Sciences, [email protected] , 903-886-5351
Summary: This captone course, available for all juniors and seniors, is designed to provide a thorough understanding of how animals impact our daily lives, our society, and our economic structure. While the majority of the course is spent on the major companion animals (dogs, horses, and cats) time is also spent on other novel species as well. Objectives include: 1. Economic impact of animals on society. 2. Profile of a "typical" household that has pets. 3. Prominent roles of animals in history. 4. The uses of horses in other societies. 5. Impact of animals on the well-being of humans. Course projects include volunteering at local humane shelter, therapeutic riding center,or elderly patient care center. The course is also occasionally offered as a summer short-term travel course in Mexico, where students observe animal therapy at a local orphanage.
Course offering information: The course will be offered Fall 2005. It has been offered Spring 2000, Fall 2001, Spring and Fall 2002, Spring and Fall 2003, Summer and Fall 2004, and Summer 2005.


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