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Center for Respect of Life and Environment (CRLE)
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The Center seeks to foster earth ethics grounded in an appreciation of the sentience and spiritual depth of all living beings. We participate in international efforts to establish the ethical foundations of a just and sustainable future. Projects include:

Earth Charter Initiative

For over a decade diverse groups throughout the world have worked to create an Earth Charter that sets forth fundamental principles for a sustainable way of life. The final version of the Earth Charter was approved by the Earth Charter Commission in March, 2000. It is now being circulated widely and used as an educational tool and guide for creating a just, peaceful and sustainable future. The Initiative is promoting the endorsement of the Earth Charter by governments, organizations, businesses and the United Nations.

Earth Charter USA

CRLE serves as the secretariat for Earth Charter initiatives in the United States, focused primarily on education and local community implementation.

Earth Ethics

Earth Ethics, our award-winning magazine, publishes the best thinking in emerging earth ethics. Articles focus on sustainable practices in education, religion, the arts, business, agriculture, and other fields. Book reviews, event calendars, and feature articles bring fresh resources for those wishing to accelerate our transition to a humane and sustainable future.

Indigenous Water Initiative

The Indigenous Water Initiative is dedicated to understanding and articulating indigenous perspectives on water and development. The Initiative grew out of the World Water Forum held in Kyoto, Japan in March 2003, where CRLE co-organized several sessions on indigenous water issues. These sessions helped define a number of priority areas where indigenous communities could benefit from closer interaction among each other and with international water and development organizations, and also areas where the international water policy discussions need to be made more aware of indigenous perspectives.

Soul of Agriculture: Towards A New Production Ethic

The Soul of Agriculture was initiated by CRLE in 1996. A committee of representatives of agricultural, environmental and animal protection organizations drafted a vision statement for a shared farming ethic, which was revised in a major conference in Minneapolis in November 1997. A variety of religious and local conferences have taken place since then in California, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. Click here for the Earth Ethics issue on Soul of Agriculture.

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